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Take a look at some of the Belzona projects we have completed for previous clients.

Caldecote Primary School, Leicester

Job Title:Repair of seriously deteriorated concrete window cills and lintels

Project Value: £30,000 (approx.)

Description:Severe carbonation problems had resulted in extensive deterioration of concrete window cills and some lintels at the primary school. The damaged concrete cills and lintels were carefully cut back to remove all loose sections, thoroughly prepare the remaining cills and lintels and rebuild using Belzona Magma Build(4141), followed by a two coat application of Belzona Hi-Build Cladding (5151), the colour used on this project was Sandstone. The completed repairs rebuilt the cills to match the same section detail as the existing.

ARG Mansfield Ltd - Construction services in Nottinghamshire

Grantham College

Job Title:Refurbishment of Main Entrance Steps

Project Value:£5,000 (approx.)

Description:After years of heavy foot traffic and weathering the main entrance steps at the college had become damaged and worn. ARG were contacted to provide a solution to the problem. The specification used was the Belzona specialist Magma Screed (4131). Following minor repairs and the re-bedding of some loose step sections the whole top surface of each tread was given a 6mm thick over coating of Magma Screed then to comply with DDA Regulations, the step nosings were coated in Belzona Safety Yellow Granogrip (4411), both these products have natural non-slip properties, however, to ensure maximum efficiency both products were finally treated with Belzona Surefoot aggregate to ensure safe grip underfoot at all times.

ARG Mansfield Ltd - Construction services in Nottinghamshire

Northamptonshire NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust

Job Title:Isebrook Hospital & Manfield Court

Project Value:£85,000 (approx.)

Description:A 1,000m² hospital flat roof in Northampton was nearing the end of its life expectancy and the client needed a cost effective secondary water based solvent free waterproof liquid membrane to be cold applied over the existing roof finish without using any hot working. Following isolated repairs to some substandard felt covered locations, we supplied and applied the Belzona 3111 reinforced liquid membrane product. The finished membrane system is fully guaranteed for 10 years, which can be extended by a further ten years, subject to survey, and is contained within European Technical Approval ETA-05/0075 from the British Board of Agrément and will therefore extend the roofs useful life by up to 20 years from completion.

ARG Mansfield Ltd - Construction services in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Job Title:Stockhill Fire Station

Project Value:£20,000

Description:NFRS commissioned a national renewable energy company to supply and install a rooftop solar energy system on top of the flat roofs of the station building which 2 years previously we had thermally upgraded and applied Belzona 3111 and 3131 membranes to. We were called in to suggest a specification for this proposal and as the photographs show, we used both 3111 and 3131 on the appropriate roofs to coat the numerous timber base plates for the solar panels to be secured to, to maintain the waterproof integrity of our previous application.

ARG Mansfield Ltd - Construction services in Nottinghamshire
ARG Mansfield Ltd - Construction services in Nottinghamshire

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